Reflect’On by TitoRayBabila. 3 Dec 2017. 1st Sun Advent. Cycle B-2018. Is 63:16b-17, 19b; 64:2-7 + 1Cor 1:3-9 + Mk 13:33-37.

Be watchful! Be alert! … What I say to you, I say to all: ‘Watch!’” (Mk 13:33, 37).

Lord, You warned us all,
	'Be watchful! Be alert!'

While I watched --

Liberal teachers took over public schools,
Then began to brainwash our kids.
Liberal professors took over universities,
Then began to subvert our youth.
Liberal formators took over seminaries,
Then began to foment dissent.
Liberal pastors took over churches,
Then began to preach heresy.
Liberal judges took over the courts,
Then began to outlaw orthodoxy.
Liberal publishers took over mass media,
Then began to produce propaganda.
Liberal producers took over Hollywood,
Then began to celebrate promiscuity.
Liberal politicians took over government,
Then began to institute demagoguery.
Liberal businessmen took over companies,
Then began to bankroll anti-Christs.

In my watch --

Morality Education became Values Clarification;
Sex M-or-F became Gender A-to-Z
Sex Education became Sex Promotion;
Feminism became misandry;
Marriage became free-for-all;
Polygamy became no-fault-divorce;
Homosexuality became paraded pride;
Mothering became baby murdering;
Hypocrisy became virtue signaling;
Virtual idols became real-time models.

As I watch --

Freedom of religion is now freedom from it;
Absolute truth is now political correctness;
Orthodoxy is now bigotry;
Disagreement is now intolerance;
Intellect is now stupidity;
Censuring is now racism;
Criticism is now hate crime;
Contradictory is now diversity;
Nationalism is now xenophobia;
I-Tech is now I-Thoughtalitarian.

I watched, I just watched--
I did not raise my arms;
I did not shout my voice;
I did not sound the alarm.

Now, resistance is too late --
I can only gasp while I am gagged.
I raise my arms, but to be bound.
I spread my legs, but to be chained.
I drag my feet as I am towed,
Away from home, and away from family;
To be sold, and to be enslaved.

Lord, I tremble to think of the Last Judgment, 
when you would tell me,
'I was bashed and you just watched.' VSS

Picture: Watching without catching. Photo by fauxels on