2 February 2020. Presentation of the Lord. Cycle A-2020. Mal 3:1-4 + Heb 2:14-18 + Lk 2:22-40. Also 23 Feb 2020. 7th Sun OT. Cycle A-2020. Mt 5:38-48

Behold, this child is destined … to be a sign that will be contradicted (Lk 2:34; cf. Is 8:14-15)

The BIBLE, the Word of God, is lost among the world of books.
The Word has come to the world,
	Preaching a Gospel of contradiction.
"It has been said … but I say to you."
	The Word calls for a paradigm shift.
The world said, 'Love is an emotion';
	The Word says, 'Love is a decision'.
The world said, 'Love your friends';
	The Word says, 'Love your enemies'.
The world said, 'An eye for an eye';
	The Word says, 'Turn the other cheek'.
The world said, 'Wealth is a blessing';
	The Word says, 'Wealth is a baggage'.
The world said, 'Cursed are the poor';
	The Word says, 'Blessed are the poor'.
The world said, 'To see is to believe';
	The Word says, 'To believe is to see'.
The world said, 'Leader lords over servants';
	The Word says, 'Leader serves servants'.
The world said, 'The cross is a sign of shame';
	The Word says, 'The cross signs the saved'.
Whoever wishes to save his life will lose it;
	Whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.
The Prince of Peace cautioned the world,
	I came not to bring peace, but division.
The first will become last;
	And the last will become first. VSS

Picture: The Bible among a library of world books. Photo 1-9-e1577420503777 by Pexels.com