Prolifers proliferate! Antilifers antiliferate!

Life begins at conception. Science proved it, and textbooks published it. Prolifers believe it, but antilifers deny it. Ironically, antilifers, who often acclaim themselves to be science believers, accuse prolifers to be science deniers.

However, no logic or science, or solid proof can alter the choice of life deniers. When their lies are exposed, they keep redefining truth, they keep dodging proof, and keep shifting argument.

If it grows — under or above ground, inside or outside the womb — it got life. If a fetus leaves the womb — dead or alive — it is born.

Paraphrasing Malcolm Muggeridge, the prochoice antilife crowd does not need reason; it needs exorcism.

The devil hugs them so tight as to shut their eyes and to blank their minds. To them life begins when they like it to begin, and how they like it to begin. They usurp God’s power of giving and taking life. VSS

Reproductive Health is Reproductive Death

Reproductive Health is an oxymoron.
Where there is health, there is life;
Where there is death, there is no health.
Abortion Death is Reproductive Death. VSS

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