18 Oct 2020. Cycle A-2020. Priesthood Sunday, 3rd Sunday October.

In concluding his address to the Roman Curia in December 22, 2014, Pope Francis said, “I read once that priests are like planes: they only make news when they crash, even though so many of them are in the air.

“Many people criticize, and few pray for them. It is a very touching, but also very true saying, because it points to the importance and the frailty of our priestly service, and how much evil a single priest who “crashes” can do to the whole body of the Church.”

A priest is the epitome of virtue. Poor priest… although human as anyone else, many expect him to be perfect. Persons who do not see a priest in action often have nothing but bad to say about priests. Persons who see him in action are more understanding.

Father, all I want you to be is a priest.
When you say Mass, awe me.
When I seek God, lead me.
When I lose grace, sanctify me.
When I lose my way, guide me.
When I fall out, fish me.
When my faith wavers, enlighten me.
When my sins bug me, absolve me.
With the sacraments, anoint me.
To God, only you can link me.
To Truth, only you can direct me.
When I need you, be there for me.
Father, all I need you to be is a priest
—A faithful priest.

Featured Picture–Father James Altman. Photo by culturalreconquista.com on bing.com/images.