After Jesus was baptized, he was bent on praying, then heaven was opened, and the Holy Spirit descended upon him. And a voice came from heaven, “You are my beloved Son, with you I am well pleased” (Lk 3:21-22).

10 Jan 2021. Baptism of the Lord. Cycle B-2021. Is 42:1-4,6-7 + Acts 10:34-38 + Mk 1:6b-11


I was baptized with water and with the Holy Spirit.
I pray to God and go to Mass—regularly, so I thought.
But was that enough to please God?
I used to complain of spiritless Masses and ho-hum homilies.
But, in reading the Bible, and in listening to Godly talks,
I learned that God created me to love Him, and to love Him I am to obey Him.
Six days I am in command; one day He is in command.
Sabbath, I am to keep it holy with Him; not to keep it busy with me.
Sabbath, I go to Church to please Him, not to be pleased.
God gives six days of me to please myself; He asks just one day of me to please Him.
God gives six days of me to think of myself; He asks just one day of me to think of Him.

Love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength” (Mk 12:30; cf. Dt 6:5).


Not all my prayers were answered as I wanted.
Perhaps I please Him not enough.
Somehow, by praying I got to seek Him more.
By seeking Him, I came to know His will more.
By knowing His will, I came to obey Him more.
By obeying Him, I came to love Him more.
By loving Him, I came to please Him more.
By pleasing Him more than He pleased me
He gave me more than I wanted.

All the nations of the world seek for these things, and your Father knows that you need them. Instead, seek his kingdom, and these other things will be given you besides (Lk 12:30-31). VSS

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