14 Feb 2021. 6th Sunday Ordinary Time. Cycle B-2021. Lv 13:1-2, 45-46 + 1Cor 10:31—11:1 + Mk 1:40-45

The LORD said to Moses and Aaron: When someone has on the skin a mark, lesion, or blotch which appears to develop into a scaly infection, the person shall be brought to Aaron, the priest, or to one of the priests among his sons. … The individual shall cry out, “Unclean, unclean!” … Being unclean, that individual shall dwell apart, taking up residence outside the camp (Lv 13:1-2, 45b, 46b).

Unclean, unclean! Leprous sores are ugly.
Unclean, unclean! Sin is leprous and ugly.

Leprosy of skin breaks and rots the body.
Leprosy of sin breaks and rots the soul.

Leprous skin unhealed nests and feeds the rot.
Leprous sin that lingers numbs the soul to death.

Even stage-1 tiny venial sin is unclean and contagious.
Left unhealed it weakens resistance to stage-4 mortal sin.

Nothing impure and unclean can be holy!
The Holy Face turns away from leprous sin.

Sin, venial or mortal, is unclean.
Nothing unclean will enter heaven.
(cf. Rv 21:27; Is 35:8; Mt 5:8;Ps 24:3-4).

I begged, “LORD, if you wish you can make me clean!”
He said, “Yes, if you will you can be made clean!

“Go show yourself to the priest and offer for your cleansing.”
By Confession to a priest, Jesus heals leprous sin. VSS

Picture credit: Stages of Leprous Skin. Photos from http://www.skin-health-care.org.