Lumine Domine


My LORD, my God, my Father,
Cast on me the Light of Life
As I delve into your Mystery;
Lest, Lucifer glares on me lightning
That blind my mind helter-skelter.

The Way, the Truth and the Life,
Direct my thoughts to your Mind
As I reflect on your Divine Word,
Lest, Satan, prince of lies and deceit,
Diverts my whole thought to heresy.

Holy Spirit, Paraclete,
Open and inspire my mind
That I understand Holy Scriptures;
Lest, in ignoranance and impatience
I would think self-opinionated.

Kindle my zeal to witness,
To seek glory for the LORD
That’s due alone to the Divine Word;
Lest, I covet honor from His Work
Making me proud and self-conceited.

Through my angels and my saints
Secure from evil attack:
My books and notebooks,
My tools and gadgets,
My works and research,
My mind and body;
Lest, all these be corrupted and lost
Turning my witness to naught.
Amen. VSS

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