5 Apr 2020. Passion Sunday. Cycle A-2020. Is 50:4-7 + Phil 2:6-11 + Mt 26:14–27:66

Morning after morning he awakens my ear to hear as disciples do. The Lord God opened my ear; I did not refuse; did not turn away (Is 50:5).

Christ’s Passion, with a big “P,” 
Intense suffering and humiliation.
Although it was extremely painful,
He was exceptionally passive.
He was God, yet became man;
He was rich, yet became poor.
The Water of Life, yet he thirsted;
The Bread of Life, yet he hungered.
The Almighty, yet was patient,
The Just One, yet merciful.
Was frustrated, yet persevering,
He was angry, yet he was kind.
Although righteous and sinless,
He was framed, shamed, and even lamed.   

[F]eed your stomach and fill your belly with this scroll I am giving you. … [G]o now… and speak my words to them (Ez 3:3-4).

Whenever I speak, I must cry out, violence and outrage I proclaim. The word of the Lord has brought me reproach and derision all day long. I say I will not mention him, I will no longer mention him, I will no longer speak in his name. But then it is as if fire is burning in my heart, imprisoned in my bones. I grow weary holding it back; I cannot (Jer 20:8-9).

My passion, with a small “p,”  
Intense motivation and conviction. 
Sharing the Passion of Christ, 
Is my passion for mission. 
I lose things, yet win something. 
I sacrifice self, yet satisfy others. VSS 

Picture credit: Ivan Kramskoi. 19th Century. Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.